Hon. Deputy Minister’s Message

The Message from Deputy Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Hon. Tharanath Basnayake

Deputy Minister

It is noteworthy that Sri Lanka has opted Information and Communication Technology as one of the most productive approach to realize its development goals while facing globalization successfully.

As the Ministry that has been entrusted with the responsibility and mandate of the promotion and practical application of Information and Communication Technologies in Sri Lanka, it is obvious that the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure should update its own capacities.Therefore the official website of the Ministry serves an important gateway to fulfill these objectives. It is imperative that an official government website should continuously be updated with new knowledge and information in a development process driven by high-tech tools. Once it complies with such characteristics, the website will be a heavily utilized tool in the hands of the present and future generations.   

I congratulate the Ministry on creating a team that respond promptly to such social needs, and I assure that the website will serve the people beyond their expectations.

Tharanath Basnayake, M.P.
Deputy Minister